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Performance Marketing


Google Advertising

Our seasoned team creates, manages, and optimises Google Ads campaigns, ensuring your brand reaches the right audience at the right time.Learn More »

Facebook Advertising

As a performance-focused digital agency, ROI Boffins exists to help you get the most out of every rand or dollar spent on Facebook Ads to get leads and boost sales. Read More »

TikTok Advertising

We specialise in creating data-driven TikTok ad campaigns that generate high-quality leads and sales for businesses while delivering excellent ROI.Read More »

Unlock the Secret to Skyrocketing Sales:
Discover How ROI Boffins Magnify Your Revenue With Data-Driven Digital Marketing!

Full Service Digital Marketing Services

Turbocharge Leads and Sales with ROI Boffins!

Does your business struggle to garner the right audience online? Are those hefty ad spends not returning expected results, putting a dent in your budget with a minimal return on investment?

As business owners, we have realised that stable customer inflows can become a significant pain point for many. You have great products or services at hand, but you just can’t seem to reach the right people – sounds frustratingly familiar, right?

Time and again, I’ve seen businesses getting stuck into either blowing their budgets on ineffective advertisements or depending too heavily on organic leads, which require substantial time and resources.

What’s scarier is how these problems tend to escalate if not addressed promptly—they slowly eat up into potential revenue opportunities, stagnant growth charts and worse—may leave permanent damages that are hard to repair.

Thankfully though, help is at hand. Introducing ROI Boffins—a full-service Digital Marketing Agency which could be your saviour in disguise.

With extensive experience working with big-ticket companies in South Africa and across the globe—we know our stuff!

Our experienced team leans heavily towards data-driven decision-making tailored to each client’s needs without trying a one-size-fits-all approach because, let’s face it—we all yearn for exclusivity.

We thrive when we see our clients’ businesses grow—which brings us back to solving what we started with—the ‘return’ you get from your ad expenses via increased high-quality leads and amplified sales figures. Trust us when we say this—we’re here for more than services; we look forward towards becoming long-term partners who nurture dreams as much as business strategies!


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